Child Care Program Forms

Child Care Program Forms CD

Confused by the New Changes in Kentucky Licensing Regulations?
No need to spend countless hours recreating your program forms. This user-friendly CD allows the director to edit forms so they are specific to your child care program and follow the new 2008 KY Licensing Regulations.
Forms Included:
Employer Forms
* Pest Management
* Wage and Hour
Staff Forms
* Staff History
* Training
* Professional Development Plan
* Residency Verification
* Staff Meeting Documentation
* Staff Evaluation
Children’s Forms
* Registration
* Medical Consent
* Emergency Info
* Medication Authorization
* Sign-In Sheets
* Incident Log
* Immunization Tracking
New Transportation Forms
* Daily Inspection Sheet
* Child Sign-In
* Emergency Drill Sheet
* Transportation Agreement
Plus many others

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Price: $100.00

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Kentucky Shared Services

Ever since we heard about the Shared Service concept, we’ve been working on making it a reality for child care providers in Kentucky.

So what is it?

It is a user friendly website,,  that has all of the things you need to make your job easier and your program better.

Want to lower your food bills? It does that.

Want a video that shows staff how important hand washing is and how to do it? It does that.

Need some help writing or updating your parent handbook? It’s here.

Kentucky regulations? How to talk to a parent about lice? What questions to ask in an interview of a new staff? Check. Check. And Check.

Sample personnel policies,  Program Marketing, Budgeting, Developmental Check Lists……..

It’s all here and ready to go.

Purchase your yearly subscription now!!

Member – $75.00 per year

Non-Member – $150.00 per year 

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Price: from $75.00

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