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Director Essentials: Leading More Engaging and Productive Meetings

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Facilitator  Angie Kinser: Being skilled in facilitating meetings is essential for effective child care program management. Directors use a variety of meetings as a primary mode for communicating information, identifying and solving problems, and decision-making. During this training session, directors will learn practical tips and techniques to help them lead more engaging and productive meetings.…

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Director Essentials: Strategies for Effective Leadership

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Facilitator  Angie Kinser: Effective leadership is one of the strongest predictors of high-quality early childhood programming. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective leadership. In this training session, we will examine leadership from five perspectives: leadership as a role, leadership tasks and functions, leadership as a set of skills and competencies, leadership traits and dispositions,…

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Playful Communication: Enhancing Language Development through Play-Based Strategies

Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C) 908 S. 8th Street, Suite 201, Louisville, KY, United States

Facilitator: Angie Kinser Language and communication development in early childhood is important as it serves as the foundation for a child's overall cognitive, social, and emotional well-being. In this training, educators will learn how to infuse playfulness into language and communication development. Participants will learn how to create enriching and effective play-based learning experiences and…

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Director Essentials: The Power of Human Connection

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Facilitator  Angie Kinser: We live in a time when it is easier to hop on a virtual training session or complete an eCourse than to attend in-person training. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we learned and became accustomed to the convenience of attending a training session online, but convenience does not always mean better. There is…

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Director Essentials: Managing Confrontations, Conflicts, and Challenging Conversations

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Facilitator  Angie Kinser: Conflict is something most people want to avoid, however, challenges in an early childhood setting are inevitable. While it is a difficult part of the job, situations that involve disagreement and tension offer opportunities for sharing and understanding others’ perspectives. In this training session, participants will learn a three-step approach to managing…

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