Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood


Connecting Parents to Kentucky’s Elected Officials

What is Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood?

 Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood is a web-based grassroots effort to connect parents and early childhood educators to Kentucky’s elected officials. It is simple, straightforward, informative and powerful.

Go to  and click on “Sign me up!’

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We hope you’ll join us in our efforts to protect Kentucky’s youngest children and their families. Your e-mail could make or break an issue when it’s time for your elected official to cast their vote. SO ACT NOW! JOIN KENTUCKY’S VOICE FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD.


The Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood Editorial Board

  • Community Coordinated Child Care, 4-C
  • Children, Inc.
  • Audubon Area Community Services, Inc.
  • Eastern Kentucky Child Care Coalition


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