Infant Child Care

How do I select care for my baby?

Your child care choice is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  At stake are your child’s happiness and well-being…and your peace of mind.  When you make an important purchase, you shop around, compare quality and prices, ask questions and talk to other people using the product.  So when you choose child care, you should take these same steps to ensure quality care for your child.

  • Gather as much information as possible.
  • Determine your family’s needs in terms of hours, location, days of year (including holidays and vacations), and transportation.
  • Determine what type of setting is best for your child.
  • Call 4-C for a list of regulated child care in your area; specific to your family’s needs.
  • Then visit at least three places, and LOOK, LISTEN and ASK.

Trust your intuition and observations. The checklist below will help guide you in your observations.

Observational Checklist

☐    Infants are placed on their backs to sleep.
☐    Mattresses firm and tight fitting in cribs.
☐    Cribs are used only for sleeping and meet national safety standards.
☐    Electrical outlets are covered.
☐    There are no dangling extension or window blind cords.
☐    Hazardous materials are stored out of reach of children.
☐    Staff wash hands every time after diapering and before feeding.
☐    Changing table is sanitized after each use.
☐    Toys are sanitized daily.
☐    Caregivers can see all children at all times.
☐    Babies are held frequently in a warm and nurturing fashion.
☐    Babies are held during bottle feeding.
☐    Babies have lots of opportunities to move around, explore and play.
☐    Caregivers “coo” and talk with babies and encourage them to respond.
☐    Schedules and routines are determined by babies’ individual needs.
☐    Caregivers sing and read with babies, at least daily.
☐    Caregivers have training specific to caring for infants and toddlers.
☐    Parents are informed about their babies’ day.
☐    Parents are welcome at any time, without prior notice.

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