Quality Child Care

The Basics of Good Child Care

Good child care requires three important things:

  1. A well-trained consistent caregiver
  2. A setting that keeps your child safe and healthy
  3. An environment that enhances your child’s physical, mental, emotional and social growth

Trust your intuition and observations. The checklist below will help guide you in your observations.

Observational Checklist

Regularly scheduled nutritious meals and snacks are provided and menus are posted.

? Indoor and outdoor spaces are clean and safe.

? Children and adults wash hands after diapering/toileting and before meals.

? Furniture and equipment are child-sized.

? Medicine and cleaning products are out of the reach of children.

? Rules are clear, simple, and consistent.

? Children are not expected to sit quietly or wait for long periods of time.

? Books, blocks, puzzles and other learning materials are available and within easy reach of the children.

? Outdoor play occurs daily; weather permitting.

? Each child has their own crib or cot.

? Parents are welcome at any time, without prior notice.

? Caregivers respond quickly in a loving, gentle way.

? There is a daily schedule that makes children feel comfortable and secure.

? Parents and children are greeted upon arrival.

? Caregivers have training specific to the ages of children they care for.

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