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Inspiring Practices for Partnering with Families



(3 credit hours)

Inspiring Practices for Partnering with Families 
Learn how to create a welcoming, accepting, and trusting community of parents, children and teachers.

Establishing and strengthening partnerships with families can be one of the most complex components of working in the early childhood care and education field. In order to best support children in learning, educators need to know them in the context of their family, culture and community. Strong partnerships with families form when educators understand that these relationships are a matter of heart, mind, and action that focuses on children’s well-being.

This Turn-Key training program will:

  • Provide guidance to create a welcoming, accepting, and trusting community of parents, children and teachers
  • Discuss inspiring practices to assist teachers in improving their ability to build relationships with families as part of their daily work.

This original, comprehensive two-lesson video course helps teachers develop and strengthen family partnerships by:

  • cultivating deeper understanding of the families they serve
  • fostering relationship-building
  • reflecting on their own biases and behaviors as well as other’s individual perspective
  • establishing shared goals that focus on the child’s well-being
  • working as a team and valuing strengths
  • practicing effective two-way communication techniques

This course includes:

  • 10 video presentations
  • Insights from over 20 experts in the field
  • Real-life interactions gathered from classrooms across the country
  • Learning objectives and reflection questions
  • Extension activities and additional resources
  • Closed captioning

Partnering with families is not an extra thing to do, but rather a way of going about everything that you do.

Participants will be mailed the DVD along with the assignment within 48 hours of registration. All DVDs are due back within 2 weeks.

Download a copy of Inspiring Practices for Partnering with Families Reflection Questions (PDF).

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