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Room Arrangement as a Teaching Strategy



(1 credit hour)

Room Arrangement as a Teaching Strategy 
Explore ways to use the environment as a teaching tool.

A well-ordered classroom promotes learning, helps build a classroom community, and frees teachers to observe and interact with children in positive ways. This video shows how classroom and outdoor environments can convey six positive messages for preschool children: (1) this is a good place to be; (2) you belong here as a valued member of the community; (3) this is a place you can trust; (4) there are places you can be by yourself when you want to be; (5) you can do many things on your own; and (6) this is a safe place to explore and try out your ideas. The video is organized by these messages to identify specific strategies teachers can use to create a positive and supportive environment for children. A combination of video footage of children in real classrooms and still photographs are used to illustrate several strategies, including: (1) dividing the classroom into distinct interest areas so children can have clear choices and can work in small groups; (2) locating quiet interest areas away from noisier ones; (3) placing interest areas near needed resources; (4) making each area attractive and inviting; (5) storing materials that go together in the same place; (6) using special containers to hold materials with small pieces; (7) displaying materials so they are accessible to and organized for children; (8) including materials that are familiar to children; (9) providing materials that encourage children to explore and discover; (10) making literacy materials available in all areas; (11) and adapting the environment so that all children can participate in classroom activities as fully as possible.

Participants will be mailed the DVD along with the assignment within 48 hours of registration. All DVDs are due back within 2 weeks.

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