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The Wonder Year



(3 credit hours)

The Wonder Year 
Follow a baby from birth to 12 months, concentrating on physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

The Wonder Year documents the amazing learning and developmental changes that take place in a baby’s first year. In this fascinating documentary you will follow baby Orson throughout his first year of life and filming starts just minutes after his birth.

You will gain a real insight into how Orson’s interactions with those closest to him, really supports his learning and development as we expand on what is behind simple, everyday events. Sensitive filming throughout the first year enables you to witness the attachment relationship grow and develop between Orson, his mother and his close family members. The warm and loving relationships he experiences is evident.

We take an in depth look at all key stages of his development, covering topics such as early brain development, understanding a baby’s needs, parents’ or carers responsiveness, relationships and emotional attachments, how a baby begins to explore their world and develop a sense of curiosity, communication, attention, gesturing, object permanence, learning, play and exploration. With clear commentary, animations of brain activity and interviews with Maria Robinson – the theory jumps into life in an engaging and comprehensive way.

Participants will be mailed the DVD along with the assignment within 48 hours of registration. All DVDs are due back within 2 weeks.

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