Developmental Milestones for Infants and Toddlers

3-4 months
• Lifts head and chest when lying on his/her back
• Makes cooing, gurgling sounds
• Smiles at familiar adult when smiled at
• While on back, brings hands together over chest and moves head side-to-side

6 months
• Babbles and coos, making sounds like da, ga, ka and ba
• Learning that his/her action brings reactions from you
• Can hold head steady in the sitting position
• Can pass toys from right hand to left and back

9 months
• Pulls up to standing position from sitting
• Stands while holding on to something
• Looks or dropped objects, claps and bangs objects together
• Combine syllables into work-like sounds

12 months
• Grasps small objects with thumb and index finger
• Stands alone for a brief time
• May walk without help
• Says “mama” “dada” and at least one other two-syllable word
• Understands simple commands

18 months
• Turns pages in a stiff cardboard book
• Scribbles with crayons
• Walks without help
• Says 8 to 10 understandable words

2 years
• Walks up or down 1 to 2 stairs without help
• Walks, runs, climbs and kicks a ball
• Speaks between 20 to 50 words and uses 2 word sentences
• Refers to self by name, or “me” or “I”

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