What to Expect Between 18 and 24 months

  • I’m sure hand-y! – Your toddler’s hands and fingers are able to do much more.  This opens up new ways to play.
    • Provide opportunities to color, turn pages while reading and operate more complicated toys.
    • Have fun in the kitchen: finger paint on a baking sheet or mold cookie dough into fun shapes to bake.
  • Mine! – For toddlers, emotions still win over self-control. This can make sharing very hard.  Your child may understand “no” but her mind still says “yes” as she grabs a toy from another child.
    • Play back and forth games to help her understand and practice turn-taking.
    • Make sure your child has lots of opportunities to play with other children.  Be their guide in learning to share.  Developing this skill takes time and practice.
  • Chatter-box – Your toddler may be experiencing a “vocabulary explosion”.  He’s learning new words every day and may combine two or more in a phrase.  He may want to practice talking …….a lot!
    • Help him expand his words and phrases into a sentence:  “Me down” becomes “You want to get down.”
    • Play games with words.  Try replacing a word in a familiar song:  “Row, row, row your car.”
  • Let off some steam– Your toddler may have more tantrums.  He may get frustrated when he can’t do something he wants by himself.
    • Continue to label his emotions to help him feel in control and to let him know you understand.
    • Help him slow down or take a break when you see signs that he is getting frustrated or overwhelmed.

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