Thank you to WHAS for providing the grant for the 4-C program. As a single mother, with two young boys, any help received is appreciated. These gifts have enhanced my child’s attention and learning capability. It’s programs like these that actually do make a difference in a child’s life.

Parent of a special needs child who received sensory toys from the WHAS Grant

I recently attended “Don’t Be A Stranger” workshop at the 4-C Forum, which dealt with families. I was so excited about ideas that were discussed during this workshops that I immediately implemented them in my center.

Sandy Steier

Having someone reliable to watch my child allows me to work


Thanks so much for the list of referrals. You’ve touched on all our areas of concern. In the next week or so, we plan to contact the ones that appeal the most and then finalize with an actual visit upon our arrival to the area around the middle of June. Please stay intouch and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Your program is definetly on target for those of us transitioning to the Fort Knox area–thanks again.

Mrs. Bailey Simmons

Many thanks for sending me the outstanding (!) array of training sessions that are upcoming at 4-C. I was really excited about thinking how lucky child care professionals in Louisville are to have access to your services. I forwarded your email to a friend of ours who works for a center in eastern Louisville.


This is a phenomenal program. It really has helped both my son and I. Strategies that the Interventionist pointed out are being used both at home and in the classroom. The weighted puppy is probably by far the most dramatic. It is like night and day. When it is used, my son is able to focus and carry out specific tasks. Without it he is much more self obsorbed or fixed on other things. I can’t believe the difference that this program has made. Thank you very much!!

Tammy M.

When I started my new role as a director at a licensed child care center I was overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that was required. Coming from a different state, the rules and regulations were quite different and I wanted to ensure that I had everything needed to be 100% in compliance with the state regulations. I called 4-C and asked them if they knew of any checklist of required information and I was told about a binder system they developed called “From Surviving to Thriving”. This system is a binder system that has tabs for all the required paperwork as well as forms and checklists for staff and children files. We immediately bought the system and got busy locating all the necessary paperwork. I now have all the state required paperwork in a series of binders and when we had our licensing inspection, I simply gave them my box of binders and let them look through them. They did not have to ask me for anything during their time here, which made it a lot less stressful on me because I didn’t have to scramble to try to find anything. The licensing inspector was very impressed with the binder system and how organized it is. We had a very successful licensing visit and I felt a sense of ease knowing that I was well informed on what they would be looking for.


4-C allows me to be able to feed my daycare kids nutritional meals each  day… I am very thankful for this program… Thanks,Maria Stines (Certified Home in Monroe County)

Maria Stines

I hate new year’s resolutions…

Okay, hate is a strong word. I extremely dislike New Year’s resolutions.

I always feel like I set such high goals that are unreachable. One year I resolved to never eat sugar again! That resolution lasted 3 days before a king size candy bar had my name written all over it.
This year one of my goals (I didn’t call it a resolution) is to be more organized at work. The Kentucky Alliance for Shared Services will help me do this. It is one of the greatest tools a director could have. If I need to update my parent handbook it is already done for me. If I need a budget spread sheet – done; an employee evaluation- done; a daily report form – done.

As a director I wear so many hats that it is overwhelming to stay organized. Thank goodness I purchased the KY Shared Services from 4C. For only $50 a year I have more organizational tools than I ever could have dreamed of.

If I did have a resolution I just met it!


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