Unlimited Training

Alleviate the Stress of Managing Your Staff's Training

Pre-paid training of all of your staff. Pay once and you're done!

Managing your staff's annual training hours can be time consuming and stressful, ensuring annual hours are met, worrying about staff turnover, and constantly having to budget for training.

Let us help you. Unlimited Training can be added to any 4-C membership to fit any size child care business. Once a year, you pay a flat fee for each staff member. Staff can choose from any of our professional development opportunities, including events on our training calendar and independent learning options.  And they aren't limited to a set number of training hours a year, so they are free to attend as many as they want. Plus Unlimited Training allows for staff turnover, so you never have to worry about paying extra. You can budget annually for what training will cost based on your staffing size. And did we mention Unlimited Training actually costs you less than paying for individual registrations? What are you waiting for? Sign up for Unlimited Training today!

4-C Unlimited Training

Add Unlimited Training to any 4-C Membership

  • $100 a year for each staff member
  • Unlimited training - staff can attend as many trainings as they want!
  • Choose from any of our professional development options.
  • Expedites registration.
  • Plan includes allowance for staff turnover.
  • Save $12.50 annually per staff member!  

You must be a 4-C Professional Member to purchase this package. Plan excludes Directors online training as well as special events such as the Heart Centered Teaching Institute. CEUs are available at an additional charge per class.