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The Importance of Nurturing and Responsive Relationships

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Facilitator  : Courtney Pearce In this session, participants will learn and understand the importance of building strong relationships to promote social and emotional development in young children. Participants will engage in mini-lectures and discussion of the foundation of the pyramid model and will brainstorm ways they currently foster strong relationships. Using these supports, participants will…


Director Essentials: Leading More Engaging and Productive Meetings

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Facilitator  Angie Kinser: Being skilled in facilitating meetings is essential for effective child care program management. Directors use a variety of meetings as a primary mode for communicating information, identifying and solving problems, and decision-making. During this training session, directors will learn practical tips and techniques to help them lead more engaging and productive meetings.…

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Nurturing Social and Emotional Development in Young Children

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Facilitator  : Liz Walker This training aims to equip educators and caregivers with effective strategies to foster healthy social and emotional development in young children in a preschool setting. Participants will gain insights into the importance of emotional intelligence in early childhood and explore practical techniques to create a supportive environment for children to thrive…

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Director Essentials: Strategies for Effective Leadership

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Facilitator  Angie Kinser: Effective leadership is one of the strongest predictors of high-quality early childhood programming. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective leadership. In this training session, we will examine leadership from five perspectives: leadership as a role, leadership tasks and functions, leadership as a set of skills and competencies, leadership traits and dispositions,…

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Compassion Fatigue and the Importance of Self Care

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Facilitator: Courtney Pearce Working with young children is a rewarding career, but teachers also understand that it can be challenging and can lead to stress.  Unfortunately, too much stress can negatively impact your role in the classroom as well as the children and families in your care. Together we will explore the differences between healthy…

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