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Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

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Facilitator : Liz Walker In this session, educators will discover practical techniques to create nurturing and supportive environments that foster positive outcomes for children and families. Explore the pivotal role of school culture in fostering a sense of safety and belonging among educators, families, and children. Through small groups and discussions, teachers will brainstorm how…

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Bring Your Outdoor Classroom to Life with Loose Parts

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Facilitator : Lisa Branstetter Exposure to the natural environment enhances children’s creativity and imagination as they play and explore. It also improves social skills and teamwork as they interact with other children. When used effectively, outdoor classrooms are powerful learning environments that promote the holistic development of young children. If you are considering creating an…

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Elevating Your Career in Early Childhood

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Facilitator : Courtney Pearce There is an abundance of early childhood careers, each offering their own rewards and making a difference in the lives of children and families. Although every early childhood professional is on their own journey, many are seeking opportunities for professional growth that will elevate their career. If this sounds like you,…

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Using the ASQ-SE: Ages and Stages Questionnaire: Social Emotional Developmental Screening Tool

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Facilitator : Lisa Branstetter Early Childhood presents many opportunities for children to learn, grow and develop. To ensure healthy development, it is important to screen children early and often. Many screening tools focus on motor skills, problem-solving, and communication. Are you wondering how to screen for social and emotional behaviors that may be outside of…

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Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma, Child Physical Abuse, and Safe Sleep

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Facilitator : Courtney Pearce This training was designed for childcare providers and staff on recognition and prevention of Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma. Participants will learn the early signs of maltreatment and the various injuries and conditions that may result from vigorous shaking, slamming or impacting the head of an infant or young child. They will…

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