1,200 Free Resources To Help You Work Smarter Instead of Harder!



Every child care provider needs a way to make his or her job easier, and now 4-C is going to help you do just that. We are proud to announce the new and improved Kentucky Shared Services with a new logo, a new look and new resources to streamline your business operations so you spend less time searching for resources and creating documents and put more time back into providing quality care.

FaceIt_Logo_vertAnd just in time for Valentine’s Day to show you how much we love our child care providers, all licensed and certified providers in Jefferson County will receive free access for one year thanks to our partnership with the Face It® Movement! Now more than 1,200 resources are available to you to work smarter instead of harder including handbooks, policies and procedures, templates, forms, discounts and more.

“My favorite part of the Ky Shared Services is the HR Tab – from policies to job descriptions to staff evaluations. This tab is a life saver…I love, love, love that I can just pull up the site and refer to what I need. I was pleasantly surprised to see the staff evaluations. They were a huge help this year,” said Debbie Borst Smith, Daycare Director, Highlands Community Ministries.

For all Jefferson County providers, you can become a member today for free, visit and request a membership. Membership outside of Jefferson County is available for a minimal yearly cost. Click here for pricing.

Want to know more? Click here or check out our KY Shared Services Resource Finder for a more detailed listing of topics.

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