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Make a difference in the future of Kentucky’s children and create positive change. Find out what our partner organizations are doing and how you can get involved!

Why Does Child Care Cost So Much Yet Providers Make So Little?

Learn why parents cannot afford to pay, why educators cannot afford to stay, and about a possible solution for a better way to support children, their families and early educators.


Get Involved Your Voice Matters!

Stay informed. Take action. Be an advocate. Find your place and your voice with our partner organizations. Learn more and see how you can get involved.

Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood

With 12,000 members, this online advocacy network connects child care professionals and parents to elected officials at the state and national level.

As a partnership of organizations including 4-C, Kentucky’s Voice works to ensure children are considered when policy decisions are being made. Their alerts inform members of current issues impacting children and how to speak up.

Know when and how to take action!

JCTC (255)

Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children

Join this coalition of over 100 organizations who agree that “thriving communities launch strong families, strong families launch successful kids, and successful kids launch a prosperous future for Kentucky.”

Power to the Profession

Find a unifying voice and career resources for early childhood professionals through this national collaboration initiative of NAEYC.

Early Childhood Education Has a High Rate of Return

Dr. James Heckman explains the impact of quality care for disadvantaged young children the importance of public investment.

We believe the best practices and policies for children are research-based.

Check out our collection of the latest data regarding children and families in our community:


Find state and county-level data and rankings for measurements regarding children’s health and well-being.

Louisville Early Childhood Access Quality Study

Research conducted by IFF across Jefferson County is presented with an interactive map to highlight important early childhood demographics at a neighborhood level.

Kindergarten Readiness Early Childhood Profiles

This tool from the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood provides information for each county about kindergarten readiness and correlating factors with the community.

Greater Louisville Project

See how Louisville ranks compared to peer cities, especially when considering early childhood education. This research helps define goals and develop strategies for improving life in the metro Louisville area.

State of Babies Yearbook

View national and state-by-state data on the wellbeing of babies and toddlers. Explore important areas of impact, and find practical ways to take action.

Face It

The Face It: A Movement to End Child Abuse Jefferson County Data Dashboard reports statistics of children involved in CPS investigations and substantiated cases of abuse or neglect. It also provides information on out-of-home care and safety from re-abuse.

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