Communities of Practice

An Innovative Approach to Training

Designed for early childhood educators who are ready to dig deeper and reflect on their teaching and leading methods, our Communities of Practice offer a new perspective on professional development.

Communities of Practice are formed by early childhood educators and leaders who share a passion for teaching children and engage in the process of learning how to do it better as they interact regularly and support one another. Most Communities of Practice meet monthly, with the same group of teachers or leaders attending over an extended period of time.

Availability of spaces is dependent on current programs, participant enrollment, and location of child care center or home. To inquire if there is a Community of Practice that is right for you, call or write.

In my first Community of Practice I learned that I am important and what I do is important. Childcare teachers do matter.
Preschool Teacher Training Attendee

I love having conversations with other teachers, hearing others’ perspectives on things.

Child Care Teacher Training Attendee

I’ve been in this field almost 28 years and I see how I have improved myself. I have different kind of skills working with the children.

Early Childhood Educator Community of Practice Participant