Stories of Impact

Innovative Approaches that Support Providers

We are working every day to improve the lives and education of young children.

Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C) is committed to early care and education approaches that are
rooted in best practices and developmentally appropriate expectations and support for young children.
World-class early care and education for all.

At 4-C we seek to improve child outcomes by strengthening the capabilities of their adult caregivers
and improving sustainability of the child care program.

4-C is about impact. There is no single solution to the complex challenges faced by the child care
industry. That is why we utilize multiple strategies to scaffold the support providers experience as they
work to build quality. We use innovative approaches to support transfer of knowledge for adult caregivers.


Child Care Mealtime: High Quality Food Choices and High Quality Program Practices

How do you provide nutritious meals for the children in your care on a tight budget?

Looking back on the over 20 years they have been serving food to children, Rose Smith, owner and executive director of Trinity House Christian Child Care, said, “I don’t know how we did it but we did. It wasn’t easy. We had to improvise, react, overcome, but we made it work some kind of way.” The challenge Rose and her staff faced is a common one, how to ensure the children in their care were fed nutritious meals daily and stay within a tight budget.

Coaching: Fostering Relationships to Raise Quality

How do you impact the way a teacher teaches?

Successful coaching is all about relationships. A coach is a cheerleader, someone to listen to, support, and encourage educators to try new ideas. Coaches use reflective practice and ask educators to consider the reasons behind the decisions they make for the classroom and for the center. Coaching is an ongoing conversation that challenges educators to constantly look inward for answers and look onward to new possibilities.

In this video, Excellence Academy teachers and directors share what they value about their coaches and the impact coaching has had on their teaching and directing.

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