“Here is an “Oh so true” Top Ten list of perks of being a child care program Director as published in Child Care Exchange.

Perks of Being a Director
December 29, 2011

10.  Having beautiful, young children in your life Monday through Friday, but your evenings and weekends are free.

9.  The first to know the current children’s fever/cold/flu symptoms.

8.  Your ECE administrative abilities include junior plumbing skills — i.e. you’ve never met a toilet you couldn’t unclog.

7.  Having at your ready a repertoire that includes over 100 children’s stories, songs, and finger plays.

6.  Experience in setting-up and hosting staff ‘wedding,’ ‘baby,’ and ‘good-bye’ parties.

5.  When insomnia strikes, you alone can recite pages of state licensing regs until you nod off from sheer boredom.

4.  If you live near your work, you’ll know the future generations of school cheerleaders, newspaper deliverers, Girl Scout cookie sellers, drug store and fast-food cashiers, etc.

3.  After retirement, at the nursing home, you will know over 300 craft projects to make from empty toilet tissue rolls.

2.  Knowing you are helping to get the next generation off to a great start.

1.  Unlimited snacks and hugs.