A Blog from our Executive Director about the CCAP rate increase

Janet Masterson
Janet Masterson

Janet Masterson, Executive Director

As advocates, we walk a thin line when it comes to expressing gratitude for the “wins” for families and children, while balancing the reality of how it impacts the day to day lives of those we serve.  The goal is to work towards the best possible outcome, but we cannot settle for less than what is necessary to make lasting change.  The perfect example- the recent rate increase for the Child Care Assistance Program.

We celebrate the $1.00 a day per child increase in reimbursement! Additionally, we’re thrilled this was an increase across the board for all STAR rated programs.  Grateful? Absolutely!  Will it solve the problems that resulted in the Cabinet’s decision to freeze the program and hold rates over the last nine years? NO!

With new state leadership, comes renewed energy and commitment to right this ship!  The rate increase is a good start, but it’s certainly not the end!

Is it worth devoting your time and energy to? I can’t answer for you, but for me, it will be a priority!

I hope you’ll stay abreast of our next steps and Call to Action in the days and months ahead. The easiest way to stay connected is by signing up online to receive alerts.  Go to Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood at