A message from our Executive Director

We recognize that the unrest and violence that we have witnessed recently is a national crisis that is the result of generations of systemic racism and the resulting injustices and trauma experienced by people of color.

At 4-C we stand in solidarity with friends, and partners who are committed to social justice. We will educate ourselves, listen to voices calling for change, and seek solutions for these complex issues affecting our community. We will continue to support early childhood educators to nurture a more diverse and inclusive generation of young children, and we will work to ensure equitable access to the highest quality early learning opportunities for all young children.

Our community is grieving. Our community is in pain. And our children are looking to us to see where we stand, who we stand up for, and how we move forward together. 4-C is committed to being part of that conversation and the long overdue change needed in our community.

Cori Gadansky

Executive Director