A Time of Change at 4-C

Dear Friend,

As with all organizations, change brings about both sad and happy news.  We are going through such a transition at Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C).

The sad news is that after more than two decades of service to children and families in our community, Susan Vessels, our Executive Director, is retiring as of December 31, 2014.  Of course, we wish her well in retirement, but we will greatly miss her.  Joining 4-C in 1990, Susan first served as a trainer and then as an Information and Referral Coordinator.  She became 4-C’s fourth Executive Director in 1995.  Susan brought vision, courage, and innovation to the work and mission of 4-C, challenging all she dealt with to consider first what was best for children and families and the early childhood system that served them.  She oversaw the agency during a time of great change and great challenge, and I know I speak for the Board, staff, and friends of 4-C in expressing our deepest gratitude for her inspired service.

The happy news is that Susan’s big shoes will be filled, effective January 1, 2015, by Janet Masterson, Assistant Director of 4-C.  Janet has been with the agency since 1993, serving as Assistant Director since 2001.  Susan and Janet have worked together well as a team, and the Board quickly recognized Janet’s gifts and the natural and seamless transition that will be provided by Janet’s leadership.  We appreciate her generosity in accepting the position of Executive Director and look forward to working with her.

Please join me in thanking Susan and congratulating Janet.

Cecelia H. Price, President

4-C Board of Directors