ALERT! Calls needed to the White House about Child Care

We have a new Congress and we must do everything we can to get them started on the right foot for families and children. Over the next few weeks, critical decisions will be made affecting whether thousands of children and families will lose child care.  Our community must come together in a sustained and determined effort to protect important funding for young children and their families.  We will be sending you a series of action alerts as the process unfolds.  This first one is for The President.

We need you to take a moment today to call the White House comment line at

1-202-456-1111 and leave the following message:

Protect funding for child care to help us build a smarter, healthier and stronger America.  Sustain the $1 billion funding for child care in fiscal year 2011 and maintain these levels for fiscal year 2012.

Families and children are depending on this funding, which is at immediate risk.  With your help, we’ll make sure that decision makers can’t ignore these families and children.

4-C appreciates your continued support and your commitment to families and children!

Due to the large number of calls we’re generating, if you have trouble getting through to the comment line, please hang up and call again until you’re able to leave your message.  Thank you!