Bet you learned that word in school!

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Parent Blogger TagI’m more than positive that 99 percent of parents have made that very statement.

Whether it is something really strange or possible dirty, our kids pick up on all of it. Some by chance are just a reflection of us.

I was talking to my friend who has a 13 year old that has just entered middle school. Trying times in those grades are not unheard of both academically and mentally.

Her son had been having a tough time in his Language Arts class. Listening to the teacher one day, she had said,”Funner”. Sam raised his had immediately and stated that she should have used the term “more fun” since “funner” wasn’t a word.
My friend and I have always been pretty strict about bad grammar but was upset that her son had corrected the teacher. I gave Sam a little credit and made his Mom realize that he had just saved 30 kids from going home and using the word “funner”.

Most of us assume that our kids learn the things that we don’t want them to learn from their peers. It’s never safe to assume.