Clean Mud

Clean Mud

  • 1 Roll of Toilet Paper
  • 1 Bar of Ivory Soap 
  • Vegetable Peeler 
  • Water 
  • Large Bowl

  1. Take the roll of toilet paper and tear the sheets in to small pieces.
  2. Place the pieces of paper in a large bowl.
  3. Use the vegetable peeler and shave about a quarter (1/4) of the bar of soap into the bowl filled with the paper.
  4. Add warm water to the mixture. Start out with just enough water to dampen the paper.
  5. Have the child mix the ingredients, working the “clean mud” in between her fingers.
  6. Slowly add more and more water to the mixture to create a slimier feeling.

 Less Mess: Place the mixture into a Ziploc bag and allow the child to feel the “clean mud” from the outside of the bag.

 More Mess: Mix small items (such as coins or small plastic beads) into the mixture and have the child find the hidden objects.