Community Thank You Card to Child Care Providers

Thank You

Thank You

Keystone Learning Academy
Keystone Staff
Thanks for all the great work you do for the families and children at Keystone Learning Academy! I’m so excited and proud about the progress we are making. You guys rock!!
Sharon Hemingway
 Highland Community Ministries
 Many years ago, as a young mother with a new 3-month old baby girl, I returned to work and left my daughter with the great folks (Gigi was in the infant room) at HCM (Cherokee Road). Eighteen months later I entrusted my second daughter to their care. The caring folks at HCM allowed me to relax and concentrate on my work, knowing that my daughters were in the hands of loving, competent, and caring professionals who understood their needs during the varying stages of early childhood. I remember that 5 years later when the girls left HCM for kindergarten, I felt like we were losing an extension of our family. Thanks so much to all early childhood educators who provide care, nurturing, learning, and so much more to the children (and parents) in their care.
 Cecelia Price
 All Child Care Professionals
 Happy Child Care Provider Appreciation day to all of those who care for our precious children. What a blessing you are to the community. Thank you for your hard work & dedication!
 Tammi Geftos
To all the Child Care Providers who help our refugee families every day.
A special thank you to our child care providers who work with our refugee families and their children. I know that it can be challenging to help these families adjust to new routines and ways of life in their new country but please know that we are grateful for the love and care you provide every day. Just like every family, refugee families see their children as their most precious possession and as a valuable investment in the future of their new country. Your work is so valuable! Thank you!
Staci Kottkamp- Kentucky Refugee Ministries
 Our Lady Of Lourdes Day Care
All of My Staff
I have a dedicated staff that have been with me for a long time. One of my staff has been here for 30 yrs, another for 22, myself 17yrs. We have loved, nurtured, nourished, taught, potty trained, refereed, consoled, and got them kindergarten ready each and every year. My staff help with fundraisers that they don’t get paid for to help buy the extra things that day cares need. Our parents treat all of us with love and respect as we do to them. We treat their children as our own and that is the security parents need to go about their day without worry.
Our center has an outstanding reputation and through our hard work and love for children we are able to keep that strong reputation.
We don’t get paid a lot of money but my staff gives 100% each and every day.
Fabyan Bridgmon
 Kid’s Academy
 I am more than grateful to have help provided to me and my children. Without you I could not work and provide for my babies. You are mothers and friends to my kids and we thank you for being there.
 Cassie Feldman
 Cherish Forever Child Development Center
 Staff of CFCDC
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Cherish Forever CDC for all the hard work, all the team work, and all the patience you have shown in the course of building this phenomenal center. A clean, safe enviroment where a child can grow and become well rounded. A place conducive for learning. To you I salute. Thank you so much!
 Marsha Bingham, Director
 Brightside Childcare and Learning Center
 My wife has owned Brightside for 7 years and she amazes me each day with her contributions to “her kids.” She had dedicated her life to her center and she does whatever she can to help out families in need. She is always donating food to the soup kitchen. She always gives a little bit of her day to each and every child in the center. The employees will first hand say she is the best person to work for. My wife takes pride in her business and the care with give the children. Brandy is an amazing provider, teacher and mother figure to the kids.
 Jonathan Cook
 Discovery Time II
 Discovery Time has been awesome for my family. It is the BEST most OUTSTANDING child care in the Louisville area. Best infant classrooms I have ever seen. Staff ratios and turnover is low. My children are still there after 7 years…now involved in a great school age program. They helped me raise my babies into smart, curious, respectful and responsible kids.
 Krista Campisano
 Today’s kids
Alisha and Lisa
 My experience with today’s kids has been amazing. My oldest who is now 7 started there when he was 2. Ms Alisha was his teacher who is absolutely amazing with the 2 year olds. She is like the toddler whisperer or something because i have never seen a teacher get two year olds in line like she does and the best part. All those babies LOVE her!!
My second child is in the 3 year old room with ms Lisa and she has been with that age since we started there in 2009 she is great with that age and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher for my girl to get her prepared for preschool and moving up is ms iris who is the best teacher and prepares those kids so well for kindergarten that the first year of big kid school is just a review!! My oldest started kindergarten with all the knowledge he needed to work on first grade work. Now in first grade his teacher says he very well may be gifted… I don’t think it’s that as much as it’s the awesome preparation he had in preschool at today’s kids!!
 Amanda arms
 Thank You Neighborhood House Child Development Center for all you do for our Families, Children, Community and myself
 All Neighborhood House Staff
 When I walk into the classrooms and see the children engaged and excited I know that our staff is making it happen. They go above and beyond the call of duty. You are not only teachers but Jacks of all Trades. I know the children at Neighborhood House are truly happy to be there with you. We have excellent parents who want the best for their children and you guys make that happen everyday. I am so grateful to have a wonderful staff.
For all the teachers who work with children good for you. Keep up the good work and be proud of your selves. This is the hardest job you will ever do. If done right it is the most fulfilling
 Melinda Dennis, Assistant Director of CDC
 Carl Nussbaum, Jr. Child Development Center
 All faculty of the Nussbaum Center
 As a former director of the Nussbaum Center, I want to express my admiration for the ability of the current director and her faculty to perform well in their direct interactions with the children in their care. It is a challenging responsibility with the potential to help children develop the cognitive, physical, and social skills needed for successful outcomes in their subsequent educational experiences.
 R. C. Webber
 Academy of Learning- Radcliff center
 We love our daycare! They always take care of us and teach us how to help out and respect others. When our mom comes to pick us up we always want to stay. Our teachers are kind and patient. They know all the kids names and everyone’s favorite things. They are a par of our “friend family”!
 Piper and Fiona Burke
 Wesley Kids Childcare
 This Childcare is great. They are down to earth. They love children you can tell. They all treat my child great. Not only my child but I see the interaction with other children as well. My Son loves going there. I have know moved still drive out of my way to take him there. I’m leaving teacher Blank because they are all great in their own way. This is the Center in Shilvey @ Garrs Ln Church.
 Brittney Stamper
 Germantown child care
 3mily is great she is so loving and patient .its a lot to ask for a childcare worker to love your kids but I feel like she’s part of my family and my kids love her she has the hardest and most underappreciated job in the industry
 Sarah loper
 Today’s Kids Childcare
 I’ve had my 2 year old in this daycare for a couple months now. I feel so comfortable with the staff and love his teacher Dawn! I also feel like my child is very safe through out the day due to the codes on all the doors. I also LOVE how they post pictures on their facebook page! Brightens my day just to see my kid coloring with other kids while I’m at work… Overall I am very pleased with Today’s Kids and recommend to everyone who needs a safe environment for their kids while at work! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂
 Children’s Learning Center at Goodwill Southern Indiana
 All Childcare Employees
As the Assistant Director of the CLC, I get a chance to work with a fabulous group of caring, loving, giving teachers every day. With in the past month we have gone through every audit we can go through-state visit, fire marshal visit, Paths to Quality rating visit, and NECPA visit. I am proud to say the staff passed everything with flying colors! We are now Level 4 Paths to Quality rated, we have 3 Master Level teachers through the Metro United Way Excellence Academy, and continue to be accredited through NECPA. Add to that the love and care they show to each child who comes through our doors on a daily basis and it is easy to see why I think we are the best. Thank you all for all you do each and every day. You are my favorites!
Stacy McCorkle
 Little Hands Child Care
 Kathy Pait
 Ms. Kathy does an excellent job of providing child care for one to six children under six five days a week. She provides lunch and learning in a variety of ways. She helps get her kids a start in school by teaching them colors, numbers, animals and a variety of other subjects. Kathy rocks youngsters when they just don’t feel good and provides hugs and kisses to every child in her care all through the day. She celebrates birthdays and holidays with zeal. And all of this care comes back to her every night as kids are picked up by parents and she gets hugs and kisses from her kids. I’m just an occasional helper and I don’t know how child care providers do this job every day….CHILD CARE PROVIDERS…YOU ROCK!!
 Rhonda Paithelps
 Learning Tree Childcare
 I want to thank all the caregivers at Learning Tree! You are always friendly & sweet. I can see other children are happy to be there too. Keep up the great work of loving & caring for children.
 A. R.
 Helen’s Day Care
 To all my fellow Day Care Providers, I want to say Thank You for all the things that you do, as said on the web site, we are not only teachers, but also many other titles can be added to our occupation. As of June 2014 I have been at Helen’s for 30 years. I have so enjoyed the years that I have been a part of so many children’s lives, sure there have been those trying times ( ;, but over all the children have really blessed my life and I hope that in some small way I have done the same for them.
 Sharon Ray
 John Paul II Academy Early Childhood Program
 Ms. Tina Meredith, Director and Ms. Susie Smith
 On behalf of the community of John Paul II Academy we commend both Ms. Meredith and Ms. Smith for their dedication to our Early Childhood Program. Their commitment to our vision to guide each child in their care to develop to their fullest potential is visible every day. They bring creativity, enthusiasm, and love to their classrooms. From science experiments to play circles, the students are given the opportunity to experience activites that teach them skills at their unique learning abilities. Their warm smiles greet their students each morning making the children feel both welcomed and successful from the moment their day begins at JPIIA. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful and caring teachers like Ms. Meredith and MS. Smith
 Lynn M. Wilt, Principal
 Maple Grove Baptist Child Care
 all my teachers
We have had a year of transition, most all of my staff have been supportive of all the changes that we have undergone. I would like to thank everyone of my staff for the understanding and for the loved shown to Jaimie and myself.
I send wishes to all my staff for another year of loving the children and showing all the compassion that comes with the job. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Ms. Lynn
Lynn Simpson
 All my Children childcare
Mrs. Wilma(director- teacher mrs. mekia
I have experience working in childcare and I have personally witnessed neglect and abuse of children due to lack of training, respect, and indecency of caring for children in many of these settings. so naturally, when I had my first born child at 29 I was more than terrified about putting my son in daycare. My mother was his sole provider onLy until she passed away ninety days after his birth. It was the hardest thing ever to trust anyone other than she with my most prized possession. upon moving downtown to Old Louisville I enrolled my son into Mrs. wilmas facility. there she treated not only the children but, her staff with the utmost respect, loyalty and love. My son has a developmental delay and does not verbalize so words cannot express my gratitude in knowing that my son was safe and in grreat hands while at her center. the building was always very clean, well kept and organized. theres was never a doubt or feeling of my son being neglected. Unfortunately the center is now closed due to her physical inability to continue to run such a astounding establishment and it was time for her to retire. We need more centers that are for the well of the child and not about the money. A place where your children are taught and treated with respect and dignity.
Danyetta Hayes
 TLC Creative Learning Center
 all my teachers
 Thank you for a great year we have just started our 4th year open thank you all for your hard work and making our daycare so great. Thank you to all our kids and their families for your support. We are looking for a fun and exciting summer with your children. God Bless
Cheryl director
From all of us here at 4-C, we send our utmost gratitude to all who are opening the world to children everyday.
Child care is one of the most important but least respected jobs in our country.
You introduce children to so many concepts and situations. You are the beginning of a love of learning that builds the foundation for each child’s success in school and in life.
Thank you for choosing to dedicate your life to supporting our children and families.
Susan Vessels
Executive Director
 Highland community ministries eastern star
Too many to name – lanita, ms kassie, sonda, Anita
There are no words to express the gratitude a mama feels for good quality childcare. They love my girl, give her tools to navigate the world, words to work out challenges, and people skills to navigate friends, family, foes and folks who foil your good time.
Everyday when I hand off my precious cargo, I know that I have the gift of comfort and confidence that she will be well taken care of, have plenty of play, and actually gain rather than just get through the day. I wish this for All mamas and count my lucky stars that I can afford a quality center. There is no greater comfort.
And our teachers are the shining light of my little girls life. When she names the people she loves, among them are the teachers and caregivers at HCM, genuine affection and respect is evident.
Thank you HCM and your wonderful teachers! We appreciate you.
Mary Grissom
 Eastern Star
 Ms Tamara, Ms Mary, & Ms Mida
I’d like to thank these three ladies for making the transition from at home care to daycare a pleasant one!
My son is happy to be greeted by Ms Tamara every morning and that makes my day go by so much easier knowing that my son is enjoying the people he is spending his day with.
Janelle Smith
 Keystone Academy (Formerly California Area Family Development Center)
 Phyllis Parker
 Ms Phyllis Parker was the finest teacher I ever knew. She was loved and respected by the hundreds of children and families she taught over the more than 30 years she devoted to early childhood education. Every child was important to her and she always made time for each one. No task was too hard for Phyllis, no challenge too great. She welcomed change and constantly sought ways to improve herself and to help others. Not only was she the best teacher I ever knew, she was one of the finest people I ever met.
Phyllis Parker passed away suddenly last Fall. No one got a chance to tell her they loved her or to say goodbye. So on behalf of her co-workers, friends, students, and everyone who knew her, I’d like to say, “We miss you Ms. Phyllis and wish you were here so we could all thank you for everything you’ve given us and done for us, and so I could get another one of your big hugs. We will Never forget you. You will live in our hearts forever.”
 Connie Willoughby
 Happy Daze Daycare Home
 As the owner of Happy Daze Daycare Home I am proud to say thank you 4C’s for providing me with great reources and wonderful parents who have given me the opportunity to care for their children. I have been a provider for almost thirteen years coming up in December. I have enjoyed teaching and giving love to the children in my community. The motivtion has been wonderful and it has given me the opportunity to futher my studies in the field of education this year I will graduate with a major in Early Chiildhood Education Administration. The purpose of going above and beyond is we as provider’s need to learn all the aspects of the education environment and in return it will make us a voice in our communities. Thanks Community Coordinate Child Care and parents for allowing me be a leader as an small entrepreneur for my community.
 Lisa Carey
 Holy Spirit Preschool
 Amy Hammer,Sheila Rainey,Diane Kunz & Laura Eddins
 I am so thankful that God brought such fine, caring, and incredible employees to help teach the students here at Holy Spirit. You all come in everyday and give 150% to the children and their families. Thank you for all the work you put in during school hours and at home. I hope that all of you know that it does not go unnoticed. Each child is blessed to have you all as teachers. Happy Child Care Provider Apprectiation Day! 🙂
 Jenny Jackson -Director
 Mini-Versity’s DOWNTOWN and WEST
 I would like to thank all the staff at both Centers for their great work with our children and families.
 Margaret L. Evans, Pam Johnson
 Today’s Kids
We would like to take this opportunity to THANK all of our wonderful teachers at the center! Thank you Ms. Connie, Ms. Starr, Ms. Maranda, Ms. Amanda J., Ms. Kara, Ms. Alisha, Ms. Dawn, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Lexi, Ms. Julie, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Mary, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Iris, Ms. Amanda N., Ms. Cindy, and Ms.Miranda. Thank you for that extra mile you go everyday to make sure the children are cared for and loved. God has blessed us with amazing kids and loving families!
Jennifer Beavers & Tisha Coleman






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