February 2nd.

February 2nd. This is the day each year when a groundhog emerges and, depending on whether or not he sees his shadow, supposedly predicts how many weeks of winter are left. Many communities have week-long festivities in anticipation of the emergence. The most famous, of course, is Punxatawney Phil. He lives in Pennsylvania but all across the country, people wait for his fearless prognostication.

Color groundhogs, find a spot outside where any animal, such as a squirrel, is likely to make an appearance, and see if he sees his shadow. Make it a fun day in what is usually a cold mid-winter time. It is also a perfect time to talk about the seasons, especially the Spring which is around the corner. What are some signs of Spring that are noticeable? Are there buds on the trees? Are there tall clumps of grass all over your yard? Are birds chirping? Do you see violets?

Let’s hope we have a short Winter, although so far it has been tame. May it continue!