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Coaching: Fostering Relationships to Raise Quality

How do you impact the way a teacher teachers?

Successful coaching is all about relationships. A coach is a cheerleader, someone to listen to, support, and encourage educators to try new ideas. Coaches use reflective practice and ask educators to consider the reasons behind the decisions they make for the classroom and for the center. Coaching is an ongoing conversation that challenges educators to constantly look inward for answers and look onward to new possibilities.

4-C’s coaching is provided through grant funding and center-specific contracts. The coaching frequency varies from weekly to monthly, but there is a consistency maintained between the 4-C coach and the centers they work with in order to nurture the relationships.

In this video, Excellence Academy teachers and directors share what they value about their coaches and the impact coaching has had on their teaching and directing.

What do educators say about their 4-C coaches?

She is very passionate about the children and reignites that passion in me. It makes me feel more confident about teaching.
Tiffany Woolfolk Infant Teacher at Keystone Learning Academy

It’s kind of like I was looking through a small, little tunnel and now they’ve enabled me to see the whole wide world, from not only my perspective but trying to think about life and the world from a child’s perspective.

Arnetia Horton Infant Teacher at Keystone Learning Academy

She’s always there to remind me of where I’ve been, where I’ve come from, and all of the potential she sees in me.

Jamaica Coleman Preschool Teacher, Neighborhood House

She supports me by helping me to be more reflective in the way I teach and look back on experiences to build from there.

Sydney Dunn Preschool Teacher, Children's Learning Center at Goodwill

She asks questions you don’t normally think about and that helps me see things differently.

Melinda Dennis Director, Neighborhood House

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