Frost Paint

Want to add a little science to your art? Try making Frost Paint! The recipe is simple –water and Epsom salt- but the result is amazing. Crystals will form right before your eyes!

Add ½ cup Epsom Salt (found in the pharmacy section) to ½ cup boiling water. That’s it! Boiling the water is the key to make sure the salt dissolves completely in the water.

  • Draw a picture on a piece of colored construction paper.
  • Paint over it with your Frost Paint.
  • When it dries, the water will evaporate and leave the long, thin Epsom salt crystals. It will look like frost on your drawing.
  • Do some experimenting. Try it with a larger amount of salt in the water. How is the result different?
  • Try adding food coloring to the water. Do you think it will make colored crystals?
  • What do you think would happen with table salt or rock salt? Try it!