Halloween need not be scary. It can actually be downright fun, regardless of the age. As more attention is given to ensure a safe Halloween, that does not mean it can’t still be enjoyable for one and all. As a parent, some of my fondest memories were taking my children around the neighborhood. It wasn’t for the treats that I LOVED it. It was much simpler than that. I liked hearing the leaves rustle (it doesn’t take much to please me) as we walked door to door, street to street. Today, many choose to have parties or visit special events like Halloween at the Louisville Zoo. Both are excellent options.

Many schools and childcare facilities incorporate it into part of the curriculum for a day. Ages of the children should be considered when planning for special activities. For younger ones, make it less about scare and more about costumes and age appropriate games. Children who know what Halloween is about seem to like making costumes, coloring pictures of witches, ghosts, decorating, and especially the treats. There can be things for them to do together like visiting rooms to pick up treats, but as a rule, it is better to orient parties to the age of the child(ren).

Group activities, like baking cookies, painting pumpkins, singing, can take the emphasis off the scary part and make it more about the fun aspect. Younger children may be frightened when seeing masks, and might actually prefer face-painting, or just wearing costumes without masks.

By all means, be safe, but HAVE FUN, too.