It’s Child Care Provider Appreciation Day!

Dear Child Care Provider,

You inspire us every day with your commitment to children.

You provide experiences that challenge the mind and excite the spirit.

You laugh with them. You hold them when they are sad.

You coach them through conflict. You show them how to be a friend and a part of a community.

You feed them, clean them and help them tie their shoes.

You are a positive presence in their lives, a home away from home.

You prepare them for school by encouraging a love of learning.

You foster their independence, their confidence, and their pride.

You know the power of play and that it’s never just play. You let them get messy.

You see those scientific minds at work, from the very beginning, how they investigate and explore the world around them.

Your work is so important. You give them the foundation, and we put our future in your hands.

You are a super hero and you are fearless.


Thank you from all of us at 4-C.