Don’t be afraid of this strange sounding word. It means ado or disturbance, among other things. Why am I trotting out this weird word? The simple answer is: during the last year we have heard a lot about people needing jobs.

Parents are stressed, unsure if/when they may be unemployed; Child Development Centers are concerned as they see their enrollment drop. In short, frustration abounds. In most cases, the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” proves true. In our current state of economic uncertainty, it seems to be anything but true.

 There certainly are voices being raised, alarms being sounded, and many feel their concerns are falling on those who choose not to listen.

About the only thing anyone can do for those people they encounter on a continuing basis is smile and make a difference to every face you see.  For the parent, it may be the child care teacher, and for the child care teacher, it may be the parent. This is a simple task that pays dividends immediately. It doesn’t change the tough times we live in, but it conveys a message that someone matters. It is also contagious. Try it, you’ll like it.

 The adage that “misery loves company” may be true, but the opposite is also true. Just one smile to everyone you see today, whether adult or child, can be all that it takes to make a hard day better.

Wouldn’t  it be wonderful if we had a national smile day and create a “kerfuffle” about that? It would be a terrific change from all of the negatives we hear and read about on a daily basis.