Leaf it to Beaver and everybody else!

There are so many activities involving leaves, many can be used in several learning centers at once. 

Older children can create wreathes made from leaves, acorns, paper plates and paint, even a leaf mobile out of leaves and hanging with string.

The preschoolers can make a paper tree out of paper torn from grocery bags and use for the trunk. Then have them color leaves out of different colors of paper and glue them on the tree.

Young children love painting with water color or hands. They can paint leaves, add arms/legs and make people out of leaves.

 Take children outside and let them feel the difference between leaves still on the trees and those which have fallen. Have them listen to the sounds leaves make as they walk through them. Throw a few in the air and see how long it takes to for them to land. Children can even make their own family trees using a leave for each member of the family and glue to a paper plate or a piece of recycled paper, have them tell you who each picture represents.

The possibilities are endless.

Encourage the child to use imaginations to think of things they can do with leaves, whether it is feeling, painting, or coloring.

Remember, children learn by playing and with any and all of the above activities, they are developing fine motor skills!