Child Care Cuts – Take Action Now!

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Tell your legislator to keep KY families working

Take Action!

Congratulations!  You’re making a difference!  Over 1000 messages, hundreds of phone calls and hundreds of names on petitions have all been sent to the Governor regarding the impending $86 million cut to child care.

Now that we have Frankfort’s attention, we need to move our message throughout the General Assembly and demand immediate action.  If keeping citizens working is a priority of our elected officials, then the General Assembly and Governor Beshear must find the resources to protect that priority!

Kentucky’s extremely fragile childcare system, like all small business, depends on a precarious balance of profit and loss, economic conditions, and a competitive marketplace. These 2,400 small businesses employ 12,500 people who earn an average wage of a little over $19,000. It also enables the parents of 65 percent of our children under the age of five to go to work every day. Not just low-income parents, all parents.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family services warns that these cuts will result in more parents out of work because they cannot afford child care. According to the Cabinet, the cuts could mean as many as 28,000 fewer children will be served each month. 

On Thursday, February 7 thousands of advocates will descend on the Capitol to meet with legislators and show their support for Kentucky’s children and families.  On that day our message will be clear: Child care is not a luxury; it’s a necessity for all working families.

If you are interested in attending there is still time to register.   If you are unable to attend please let your voice be heard by taking action and sending this message to your legislators.

4 Comments on “Child Care Cuts – Take Action Now!”

  1. 1 Sean Conway said at 10:53 am on February 18th, 2013:

    please don’t cut funding!

  2. 2 Stephanie said at 1:00 am on March 1st, 2013:

    I am a single mother of two children, ages 10 and 8. I have worked full time until a couple weeks ago when my hours were cut to 32/week. My children attend the after school program at their school which is partially paid for by the childcare council. Because my co-pay requirement pays the majority of the expense, the subsidy is not a huge benefit during the school year (it pays $16/week). However, during school vacations and summer break, the subsidy pays $130/week, making it a necessity. Since having my hours reduced, I bring home $246/week. It is absolutely ridiculous to even think that I could possibly pay $200/week in childcare. The $46 left over does not even cover gas for the week, let alone rent, electric, phone, cable, insurance, groceries, etc. I receive a very minimal amount of child support each month which will be the driving factor that will put me over the limit on July 1. The support I receive would not even be enough to pay for 2 weeks of childcare in the summer. The father of my children lives out of state and makes no effort to visit them or partake in their care, so I have no other options in supervision for my children. Cutting childcare funding is an absurd way of dealing with the budget crisis. People like me will either be forced to quit their jobs and go on welfare (a choice that makes me sick to think about and would end up costing the state even more money) or leave at least one child at home unattended ( a choice that would jeopardize the safety of a child that is not old enough to take care of himself). Please remember that there are people that truly need this program in order to keep their heads above water.

  3. 3 Crystal said at 10:42 am on March 3rd, 2013:

    This is absolutely sickening.
    I know how you feel
    THE FAMILIES WHO NEED IT MOST ARE THE SINGLE MOTHERS WHO ACTUALLY WORK TO SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES NOT LIVE OFF THE GOVERNMENT! WHERE IS THE REAL ASSISTANCE FOR THOSE FAMILIES WHO ARE HONEST MAKING A LIVING?? I am a single mother of 2 under 3 and i make too much money for help from the state because i work a full time job and claim that i borderline too much income for the assistance i need to live. I work every day and nothing to show for it. scraping by every week because the kentucky government only wishes to support those people who do not wish to help themselves. THE SYSTEM IS BACKWARDS AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED. If those who do not work at least 24hours a wk at a tax paying job then they should not get the assistance that KY hands them. Its not right to those who do work. And that is the single most handed reason why more and more people are applying for the assistance because they know and even my case workers in the past have told me in person that i need to quit work or make below 900$ a month for the state of KY to help me.

  4. 4 Jesseica said at 1:51 pm on April 11th, 2013:

    These cuts are ridiculous. Another case of not helping the people who deserve it. I am a single mother of a 3 yr old with no child support what so ever and just recently went from part time work to full time and lost my assistance. I dont understand how government programs like this do not look at what you pay out? I dont even make that much i live paycheck to paycheck because rent, insurance and everything else that you have to pay for break me, and now paying the daycare prices? That is a as much as my rent. Its okay to give people EVERYTHING who dont do anything but sit on their asses and collect a check, food stamps and child care assistance. I just dont why or how the government can be so backwards. Lets support people who have nothing going for them or people who dont try to better themselves. So now its trying to find family members everyday who will watch my child while i work!!! Maybe I should quit my job and let them pay for my groceries and everything else? seems like a plan to me righttt? Obviously we need new people running our city, because they have no idea or care what they have done to hard working people. Lets cut their paychecks and give it to the people who work and have nothing to show for it because lord knows they dont know what it is like to struggle. So now that all kinds of people will have to quit their jobs are they going to give housing and food stamps to these thousands of people??? to me that would be more expensive, but thats just my thought on it.

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