Little Kids Shouldn’t Take the Big Cuts.


Tell Frankfort To Rethink Cuts to Child Care.

Yesterday the Cabinet of Health and Human Services announced deep cuts in child care assistance which would take effect in April. Everyone knows parents with young children need child care in order to work.  Kentucky’s economy is weak enough. Now is not the time to make it more difficult for parents to get and keep a job!

  • Effective April 1, 2013 the state will not accept new applications from low income working families seeking assistance.
  • Effective July 1, 2013 income eligibility for current participants will be dramatically reduced  — in fact, families would have to live below the poverty line to receive assistance (i.e, low wage workers would no longer receive assistance).

Immediate action is needed! There is a direct connection between parents’ ability to work and our economy.  The last thing we need is increased unemployment.  This isn’t good for kids and it’s not good for business.

Please click Take Action to send an editable, prewritten message to the Governor, and forward this email on to 2 additional friends, colleagues, clients, or family members and ask them to take action too.  It’s very important that the Governor hears from as many people as possible.  Thank you.