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Each and Every Child: Teaching Preschool with an Equity Lens



(5 credit hours)

Level 3   CDA 3, 4    CC 4, 6   Audience – All

Each and Every Child: Teaching Preschool with an Equity Lens [NAEYC Alissa Mwenelupembe, Susan Friedman]

All educators have a part to play in advancing equity in early childhood. But what does equity look like day to day in the classroom? This thoughtfully curated collection provides concrete strategies and tips for implementing recommendations from NAEYC’s position statement “Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education” in your work with children ages 3 through 5. Featuring diverse voices from the field, this book explores practical topics ranging from examining your own biases to supporting children’s conversations
about identity to preventing preschool expulsion. With these and more engaging insights, you’ll create and foster learning environments that promote equity for all. Because each and every child deserves to succeed.

Participants are responsible for obtaining the books either from the 4-C Lending Library, from the public library, or by purchasing their own books. The price covers only the cost of the training module and credit hours.

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