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From Children’s Interests to Children’s Thinking-using a cycle of inquiry to plan curriculum!



(5 credit hours)

Level 3   CDA 2, 3    CC 1, 4   Audience – All

From Children’s Interests to Children’s Thinking-using a cycle of inquiry to plan curriculum! [by Jane Tingle Broderick, Seong Bock Hong, NAEYC]

Learn how to connect your curriculum planning to children’s interests and thinking. With this book, educators will discover a systematic way for using documentation to design curriculum that emerges from children’s inquiries, what they wonder, and what they want to understand. Get strategies for designing a classroom environment at the start of the year to facilitate emergent inquiry curriculum. Each chapter guides teachers to document and reflect on their thinking through each of the five phases of a cycle of inquiry process, including observing, interpreting the meaning of the play they see, and developing questions to engage children.

You’ve observed what children are interested in-what’s next? Emergent curriculum is an engaging, effective way for young children to learn and an enjoyable way for educators to teach. But planning and implementing inquiry projects based on children’s interests can be a puzzling process. The cycle of inquiry described in this book makes this process more tangible by

  • Guiding you to observe and consider what children are thinking and wondering about
  • Detailing how to use documentation forms to record and revisit your observation, interpretations, questions, and plans
  • Providing strategies to support children’s inquiry and deepen thinking
  • Illustrating how to identify early learning standards met and make children’s learning visible
  • Following the process with real-life examples

With this guidance, you’ll increase your competence with emergent curriculum and energize your teaching-and children’s learning!

Participants are responsible for obtaining the books either from the 4-C Lending Library, from the public library, or by purchasing their own books. The price covers only the cost of the training module and credit hours.

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