Independent Learning

Playful Learning

Playful Learning: Developing Your Child’s Sense of Joy and Wonder



(5 credit hours)

Level 2   CDA 2, 8    CC 1,4   Audience – All

Children are natural scientists, artists, mathematicians, authors, and scholars. From the time they are born they seek out information about the world around them in an effort to construct meaning and further their development. While children have an inherent drive to make sense of their reality, parents and educators have a unique opportunity to harness children’s curiosity and channel it into a love of learning. In this book study and eCourse, you can learn easy-to-implement, hands-on projects that can engage children in fun and creative ways that encourage learning and impart the joy of discovery.

Participants are responsible for obtaining the books either from the public library or by purchasing their own books. The price covers only the cost of the training module and credit hours.

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