Those Were the Days


Remember when cartoons were simple, non-violent, and funny? Remember reading with your child and it was simple and fun? Two of the best books from  my childhood  memory are: A Child’s Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson, and what I believe is Dr Seuss’ first book ever, If I Ran the Circus.

 A Child’s Garden of Verses can be read a page at a time or the entire book. It even comes with pop-up pages, which makes it spring to life. Sometimes it’s good to share your childhood memories with your child so they can see how yet today, your eyes light up, and the words roll off the tongue. Life today is much more hectic for everyone, and of course, there are plenty of gaming systems to “entertain”, but every now and then, it’s good to revisit the simpler times.

If I Ran the Circus is one of the most creative endeavors from the mind of Dr Seuss. It sees the world through the dreams of a young child with a very active imagination. There are plenty of tongue twisters and vivid characters straight out of the mind of a child. It is memorable, funny, and together with your child, you will want it to go on forever.

Although we are grown now, our family still trots it out on Thanksgiving, each of us reading a page, bringing tone and inflection to these wonderful characters and bringing them to life. It doesn’t have anything to do with Thanksgiving. It is just the one time of year when we are together. Now it’s a ritual with another generation or two. Give you and your child a treasure, a treasure of time spent together, and possibly start a new tradition of fun for your whole family! You’ll be glad you did!!!! 

Pat Bush