Tips for Providers and Parents for Addressing CCAP Issues

Knowing who to contact and what information you need on hand can help you address CCAP payment issues. Below you will find a tip list for providers and parents on what you can do to make the process easier. For a printable version of each tip sheet, click on the following links:

CCAP Provider Tip Sheet

CCAP Parent Tip Sheet

Provider tips for addressing the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) issues:

The Division of Child Care (DCC) is available to answer questions and address payment issues for child care providers. For information about parent concerns please see the Parent Tip page.

• Providers can contact DCC at 844-209-2657.

• Signed certificates should be faxed to 502-573-2007. Keep the fax confirmation showing the certificate was received.

• There are specialized staff who can talk to providers about issues such as not receiving payment for care provided, verifying a child has an active enrollment, and co-pay information. Please note that these workers have been advised as to what information can be shared with providers. DCC acknowledges that providers may not have been able to receive this information when they used this number previously.

• When you call, make sure you have the needed information at hand including:

-Parent’s Name
-Parent’s Case Number
-Child’s Name(s)
-Dates of Service
-Reason for reimbursement owed (e.g. termination notice was received late; signed certificate was sent in for this child; CPS said that authorization was received for this child; etc.)
-Any documents that can help support each case (Signed Certificate, fax confirmation that the signed certificate was submitted, Notice of Change, etc.)

• Providers can be compensated for care that was provided because of late notices of terminations or other reasons related to the transition to Benefind.

• You can visit the Division of Child Care website for more information.

Parent tips for addressing CCAP issues:

Eligibility for Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) benefits are determined by a Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) worker just like SNAP, KTAP, and other state benefits. For information about provider concerns please see the Provider Tip page.

• Clients (parents or guardians) can apply for benefits, report changes, and get assistance with their CCAP case by calling 855-306-8959 or by visiting

• Changes can also be reported to [email protected]

• Read all notices from DCBS regarding your CCAP case or any other benefit that you receive and follow up with your DCBS worker. Changes to your SNAP, K-TAP, or other benefit case can effect your CCAP case.

• All CCAP certificates must be signed by the client and provider and then faxed to DCC.

• Clients must report all changes and address certificate issues to their DCBS worker. Providers are not allowed access to your information.

• Know the name and address of your child care provider when applying for CCAP benefits or changing providers. This will help your DCBS worker when it is time to issue a certificate.