What’s Going On?

Why isn’t 4-C administering the CCAP program anymore?

Apparently the state Division of Child Care has abandoned the local one-stop-shop community service delivery model and is more interested in centralizing services, so they gave the CCAP contract for the entire state to one agency located in Lexington.

Who is Child Care Aware?

In the KIPDA region there will be 2 Child Care Aware staff who will come from one of our sister organization (also referred to as 4C). They are from the Northern Kentucky area, close to Cincinnati. They will be offering technical assistance to a portion of child care providers, yet to be determined.

What is 4-C doing now that we no longer administer the CCAP program?

We’re doing everything we did before except the CCAP subsidy program.  That includes:

  • Training child care providers
  • Helping parents find child care
  • Maintaining the most accurate and current child care database
  • Sponsoring the CACFP food program for family child care providers
  • Providing on-site early intervention service for children with developmental issues
  • Developing tools for child care providers saving them time and $$
  • Advocating for families and child care providers on a local, state, and national level

Is 4-C Doing Anything New?

We are implementing quite a few new activities:

  • Forming a child care provider advisory group
  • Working with JCPS and providers to encourage parent engagement
  • Collaborating to find resources to help children who live in violence
  • Working with a group looking at grandparents who are raising grandchildren
  • Developing specific on-line tools to help directors manage programs
  • Advocating for an increase in provider reimbursement rates
  • Exploring the possibility of sponsoring centers on the CACFP food program
  • Disseminating white papers to legislators and community leaders about the importance of child care

4-C remains the central point of contact for community child care needs. 

Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C)