12 Small Moments that Let Children Experience Nature in a Big Way

During a field trip to the Salato Wildlife Education Center in Frankfort, KY, children from Dorman Preschool experienced more than just viewing the deer, bobcats, bears, bison, elk, turkeys, eagles, bull frogs, turtles, and fish on display. For them, the real connection with nature was all about the little moments. Here are 12 of our favorites from the day.

1. Picking Queen Ann’s Lace from the sides of the path and carrying the wildflower with you

2. Touching a butterfly and the surprise of seeing it take off in flight

3. Letting cool water run across your hand

4. Quietly watching a waterfall in awe

5. Walking between tall grasses and running your hands through the leaves

6. Splashing rocks in a stream

7. Using binoculars and sharing them with your friends

8. Climbing and running over, under and through

9. Catching a beetle and letting it run across your hand

10. Petting a snake and feeling its cool skin

11. Climbing on rocks and crossing a stream

12. Hiding and laughing with friends