So here we are starting a 4-C blog.

When I came to 4-C in 1990 I didn’t have a computer. I certainly didn’t have one in my child care center I ran for the 12 years before making the transition to 4-C.
But, as with most of us in the U.S., I have gone from no computer to seeing them as an essential part of my life.
I think this is a very good thing for people whose job is taking care of others. Whether you are a parent, a child care provider, or an elder care provider, it is often a lonely job. Computers help us feel connected to others who are experiencing the same issues as we are.
I hope that the 4-C blogs will help with those connections. We will not only be discussing what’s on our minds but also provide links to child caring resources and activities. So whether you are interested in knowing how to be a better advocate for children or would like some fresh ideas for things to do with children on a rainy afternoon, check back and see what’s happening here.

Susan Vessels