Today is Staff Appreciation Day at 4-C.

For most of the businesses in the country, it was Administrative Professionals Day(aka, Secretary’s Day) . But, last year, our Administrative Professional staff decided they wanted to turn this into a day when all 4-C staff are shown appreciation, not just the clerical staff.
As Martha Stewart would say, It’s a Good Thing. In a time when we seem to be so divided in this country by politics and societal beliefs, it’s good to have a day when you focus on appreciating the guy sitting next to you.
We may not hold the same political beliefs. And we certainly don’t always agree with each other. But 4-C staff members have our eye on the same goal….Better child care options for children, families, and communities.
Thanks, 4-C staff for all you do, 

Susan Vessels
Executive Director
Janet Masterson
Assistant Director